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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Cannon Falls Christian CO-OP?

Our Christian Homeschool Co-op is a community in which home schooling families meet together to encourage and support one another in our common endeavor to glorify God and educate our children through the sharing of our individual skills, talents, knowledge, and gifts.

When does registration occur for the Christian Homeschool co-op?

Fall registrations are generally accepted during the summer months. Dates vary.  Registration is done online.  

When does the co-op meet?

The co-op meets every Tuesday  of the month during the school year from 8:30 a.m.- 2:30p.m. for classroom instruction and interaction.

Do I have to be registered with the state of MN before I join the co-op?

Yes. You must complete your registration as a home school with the state before you register with us.

What classes are offered in the co-op?

Class offerings vary, depending on the willingness and creativity of our parents.This year, we are planning to offer classes such as science, writing, math games, art, band, Algebra I, II, & III, advanced math, chemistry, history, biology, as well as a monthly field trip. Classes are usually divided into grade groupings such as:  Kindergarten – 2nd, 3rd-6th, Junior- High school. The groupings of ages can vary depending on the teacher and the class being offered.

What is the structure of our co-op?

As a cooperative, all parents are encouraged to participate in the planning, instruction and coordination of the rules, classes, and structure of our school days. 

We have an orginizational structure that helps facilitate the meetings, planning, and costs. This includes our Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, and Web Admin.